Privacy Policy

  1. By accessing and using Young Clay (YC) and entering your personal data, you confirm that you accept Young Clay use, storage, and processing of your personal data in accordance with this Policy and Young Clay Terms of Use.

  2. By creating a account for your child/children on Young Clay and Young Clay kid, you allow your child to upload the content on Young Clay. As a parent you have a control to keep a watch on the content uploaded by your child and also a right to remove any inappropriate or personal data uploaded by your child/children. By allowing your child to use Young Clay-kid to upload and use any content you confirm that you accept Young Clay use, storage, and processing of that data in accordance with this Policy and Young Clay Terms of Use.

Data Security

Young Clay takes the security of personal data very seriously and employs security technology, including firewalls, to safeguard information. Young Clay has procedures in place to ensure that our systems are protected against unauthorized access.

Parental Monitoring

Every time you submit contributions to Young Clay your parent/legal guardian will receive a notification where he/she will be informed of the contribution you have submitted to Young Clay. He/she will have access to your account and will be able to delete your contributions or content.

Stay Safe

Do not share details about yourself with people you don’t know.

Respect Others

Be respectful and kind to other Young Clay users. Treat others how you would like to be treated. You should not bully and harass others. Let’s build a healthy fun environment.

Keep It Clean

Inappropriate content is not allowed in Young Clay. You should only use content and language that you would feel comfortable in front of your parents and teachers.
Breaking any of the rules will result in temporary or permanent ban from the Young Clay.

Use of Personal Data

Young Clay may use, store, and process the following personal data, for the following purposes:

  • End User account details (name of user, date of birth, name of parent/legal guardian, User’s and parent’s/legal guardian’s e-mail address, phone number, Facebook account information, picture of User, etc)
  • Personal data to track the use of Young Clay , such as IP addresses, etc
  • Your Young Clay contributions and content, which may contain personal data
  • Personal data for sending notifications of application updates (including suspensions of End User accounts and withdrawal of Young Clay)
  • Personal data to respond to requests for support

Use of Service Providers

Young Clay will use third party service providers to provide Young Clay with maintenance and support services.

Policy Amendments

Privacy laws and practices are continually developing and Young Clay aims to meet high standards. Our policies and procedures are therefore under continual review. We may, from time to time, update this Privacy Policy and suggest that you check this page periodically to review our latest version.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the treatment of personal data, please contact us at